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In Sierra, you could swipe two fin­gers across a note in the list to re­veal a delete but­ton (and con­tinue swip­ing to delete the note). In High Sierra, the left­wards swipe still brings up the red delete but­ton, yet it’s joined by a grey lock but­ton. Lock­ing a note stops it be­ing edited. This used to re­quire choos­ing a menu com­mand.

New in High Sierra is the abil­ity to pin a note to the top of the list. With the pointer over a note there, swipe two fin­gers right a lit­tle way on your track­pad, or one on Magic Mouse, then keep swip­ing or click the Pin but­ton. Or, choose File > Pin Note, or Ctrl-click a note. If you do this a lot, set a key combo in  > Sys­tem Prefs > Key­board > Short­cuts > App Short­cuts: click +, se­lect Notes as the app, set “Pin Note” (with­out quotes) as the ti­tle, and set a key combo be­low.

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