How to Cut a video to­gether from scratch in iMovie

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Cre­ate a project

In iMovie, se­lect the Projects tab, then Cre­ate New > Movie. You’ll see your Photos li­brary in the left pane, from which you can drag videos and images to the time­line be­low. Press Cmd+I to im­port files from else­where.

Add some clips

Se­lect Photos Li­brary, then drag a clip from the My Me­dia pane down to the time­line. If you know the order you want clips to run in, Cmd-click those clips to se­lect them, and then drag them all to the time­line to­gether.

Trim a clip

Skim the pointer along the clip you’ve placed un­til you find where you want to be­gin. Click to place a marker, then drag the left-hand edge of the clip to trim its start. The edge will snap to the marker when you reach it.

Add an­other clip

Drag an­other clip into the time­line and place it af­ter the first one. Press \ (back­slash) and your movie will play in full from the be­gin­ning — note how the sec­ond clip plays im­me­di­ately af­ter the first one.

Add a tran­si­tion

The jump from one clip to an­other can be jar­ring. Click Tran­si­tions above the top-left pane, and drag Cross Dis­solve be­tween your two clips. Move the play­head just be­fore that point, and press the Space­bar to see the re­sult.

Top of the crops

If you find a clip is poorly framed, you can ad­just it. Se­lect it in the time­line, click the Crop icon above the top-right pane, then click Crop to Fill. Drag the frame’s cor­ners in­ward to zoom in or out, or drag within to re­com­pose.

Add a ti­tle

Click Ti­tles above the top-left pane, and se­lect a ti­tle style you like. Drag it to the start of your time­line and type a ti­tle in the top-right pane. Ad­just how long it’s shown by drag­ging its clip’s right-hand edge in ei­ther di­rec­tion.

Ad­just the tran­si­tion

Some­times you’ll want tran­si­tions to take longer, or to be snap­pier. Dou­ble-click the in­ward-point­ing tri­an­gles that rep­re­sent your tran­si­tion, then en­ter a new du­ra­tion in sec­onds. Here, we’ve sped things up a bit.

Ex­po­sure cor­rec­tion

This clip is a lit­tle un­der­ex­posed. To fix it, click the Color Cor­rec­tion tool above the top-right pane, then, just be­low that, drag the right­most han­dle on the left-hand slider to the right to brighten your clip’s highlights.

Show time

Choose File > Share to up­load your film to ser­vices such as YouTube. To save it lo­cally, choose File from the menu. For best re­sults, ex­port the movie at the res­o­lu­tion at which you shot it. Se­lect a des­ti­na­tion on your Mac.

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