Back­ing up at mul­ti­ple lo­ca­tions

How to use Time Ma­chine at work and home

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If you haven’t al­ready set up your first backup disk for use with Time Ma­chine, con­nect the disk to your Mac; Time Ma­chine will ask whether to use it as a backup disk. If there are files on the drive that you need to keep, copy them else­where be­fore re­spond­ing to the prompt. When you’re ready, de­cide whether to en­crypt the disk’s con­tents, then click “Use as Backup Disk” – you may also be asked whether to re­for­mat it.

Don’t carry your backup disk around with you, even if it’s a por­ta­ble disk. For con­ve­nience, Time Ma­chine is en­gi­neered to work with mul­ti­ple disks, so you can back up at sev­eral lo­ca­tions. Con­nect a sec­ond backup disk to your Mac, go to Time Ma­chine’s pref­er­ences, click the op­tion to se­lect a disk, then choose your sec­ondary backup tar­get from the list that is pre­sented. When asked whether to re­place or com­ple­ment the ex­ist­ing disk, choose Use Both.

When you re­con­nect a backup disk, Time Ma­chine backs up all changes to your Mac since that par­tic­u­lar disk was last used, not just those since the last backup.

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