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Find a happy place

Pa­prika can get recipes from pretty much any food and drink web­site out there. Just visit a site in Sa­fari, find a recipe you want to fol­low, and tap the Share icon. Find Pa­prika’s icon in the share sheet’s mid­dle row and tap it.

See it in Pa­prika

Af­ter a few sec­onds a “Recipe Added” mes­sage will ap­pear. If you go to the Pa­prika app and tap Cat­e­gories > Most Re­cent, you’ll see the recipe you just added at the top of the list. Pa­prika even grabs the recipe’s photo.

Get the goods

Here’s a re­ally smart fea­ture: Pa­prika au­to­mat­i­cally sorts the recipe into in­gre­di­ents, di­rec­tions, nutri­tional in­for­ma­tion (where avail­able), and serv­ing sizes. To as­sign the recipe to a cat­e­gory, tap Un­cat­e­go­rized.

Add to your list

Tap the shop­ping bas­ket icon at the top of the screen and you’ll be able to add the recipe’s in­gre­di­ents to your shop­ping list. Clear the check mark next to in­gre­di­ents you al­ready have, and then tap Add to in­clude any re­main­ing items.

Pick a day

Tap the cal­en­dar icon to un­cover an­other cool fea­ture: meal planning. You can as­sign a recipe to a spe­cific date, and spec­ify whether it’s for break­fast, lunch or din­ner. This is great for cut­ting down on waste and get­ting su­per-or­gan­ised!

Add your own

You’ve al­ready seen how Pa­prika can au­to­mat­i­cally grab recipes from al­most any food site, but it doesn’t know about grandma’s leg­endary sausage casse­role. No prob­lem: tap the + at the top right to add a recipe from scratch.

Use au­to­cor­rect

As you type, Pa­prika of­fers in­gre­di­ent sug­ges­tions. For ex­am­ple, type “pep­per” and you’ll get op­tions for pep­per flakes, ground pep­per, and so on. It takes the has­sle out of adding recipes, mak­ing the process very quick.

Use units

En­ter­ing pre­cise quan­ti­ties? Tap Units and the app’s sug­ges­tions be­come mea­sur­ing units, such as ta­ble­spoons, fluid ounces, pounds, and so on. It’s worth us­ing these as Pa­prika re­lies on them to scale recipe in­gre­di­ents.

Browse in the app

Pa­prika has its own browser, which is tai­lored to grab­bing third-party recipes: if it can’t im­port a recipe au­to­mat­i­cally, high­light some text, then tap where it should be added – here we’re tak­ing a recipe’s ti­tle into the app.

Say what’s what

Work your way through the page, high­light­ing the bits of text you want to grab and tap­ping where they be­long in the recipe. Here we’ve done that for in­gre­di­ents. Re­peat for di­rec­tions and any other info you want to record.

Scale up or down

When view­ing a recipe, tap “Scale 1x” to ad­just the num­ber of serv­ings and have Pa­prika re­cal­cu­late quan­ti­ties for you. If you need to go shop­ping, it makes sense to do this be­fore adding a recipe’s in­gre­di­ents to your shop­ping list.

Go shop­ping

Pa­prika doesn’t just cre­ate a shop­ping list for a sin­gle recipe; add mul­ti­ple recipes and it’ll com­bine their in­gre­di­ents so you don’t end up buy­ing too much or too lit­tle. The check­boxes next to items help while you’re shop­ping.

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