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The edi­tor weighs up High Sierra’s pros and cons.

Ap­ple’s round of op­er­at­ing sys­tem up­dates for 2017 is com­plete, and this is­sue’s cover fea­ture will help you to dis­cover many great ad­di­tions in the last of them to ar­rive: High Sierra. If you haven’t in­stalled it al­ready, and were to read Ap­ple’s web page about it, you might not think there’s much rea­son to bother – but I urge you to read our fea­ture and re­con­sider.

Do you think you al­ready know all that High Sierra has to of­fer? At WWDC in June, Ap­ple mostly talked about un­der­ly­ing tech­nol­ogy changes, which is un­der­stand­able for a key­note ad­dress that’s as much about ral­ly­ing de­vel­op­ers be­hind those moves as it’s about ex­cit­ing Ap­ple fans with new fea­tures. What has sur­prised me since High Sierra be­came avail­able on the Mac App Store is that in­ter­est­ing en­hance­ments, such as the abil­ity to copy and paste files us­ing Uni­ver­sal Clipboard, aren’t men­tioned on Ap­ple’s web page that mar­kets the sys­tem up­date. Granted, that one isn’t re­ally a ground­break­ing fea­ture, but it’s a prac­ti­cal en­hance­ment that some of you will at least make good use of. You’ll find a lot more de­tail about High Sierra in this is­sue’s cover fea­ture. Let us know if you’ve dis­cov­ered some­thing else in the sys­tem that you think other Ap­ple fans should know about.

You may have a very good rea­son not to up­grade to High Sierra just yet, though. The com­mon trouble for any op­er­at­ing sys­tem up­grade is in­com­pat­i­bil­ity with apps and de­vices. Per­haps you’re just cau­tious un­til a few mi­nor up­dates have been re­leased. Ap­ple has al­ready is­sued a few of those for High Sierra – and iOS 11, too – fix­ing some of the big out­stand­ing is­sues, and two em­bar­rass­ing over­sights that man­aged to sur­vive the de­vel­oper and pub­lic beta pro­grams over the sum­mer. You can learn more about these in this is­sue’s Start sec­tion.

If you’re ever un­sure about in­stalling a macOS up­date, bear in mind that a com­plete Time Ma­chine backup en­ables restora­tion of your Mac to an ear­lier state – even to an older OS.

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