MSI Radeon RX 470 Gam­ing X 8G


Nail­ing the mid-range

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! What a gen­er­a­tional jump for graph­ics card own­ers. The dif­fer­ence be­tween those old 28nm pro­ces­sors and to­day’s 14 and 16nm cores is ab­so­lutely in­cred­i­ble. Take a look at this card here. Like for like, it’s tread­ing toe to toe with the GTX 970. What was at launch a $350 graph­ics card has now been ousted by a card that comes in at $150 cheaper. It’s re­mark­able re­ally.

MSI’s Radeon RX 470 is an over­clocked model of AMD’s low-end mid-range GPU. It still re­quires an eight-pin PCIe power, and still has 8GB of VRAM on board, mak­ing it quite com­pa­ra­ble to the RX 480 in a lot of ways. And over­all per­for­mance fig­ures aren’t far off, ei­ther— no doubt due in part to that hefty 48MHz over­clock on the core. But that leads us to a good ques­tion: Why would you con­sider buy­ing this over some­thing such as a 4GB RX 480? As we’ve al­ready seen, the 4GB ver­sion of the 480 is more than ca­pa­ble of hold­ing its own at stock, and con­sid­er­ing that these two cards come in at the same price point—yet this one comes pre-over­clocked and the 480 doesn’t—we can’t quite work out who this card is aimed at.

OK, per­haps you’re not both­ered about learn­ing, or aren’t in­ter­ested in the mi­nor risk fac­tors or time in­vest­ment that’s as­so­ci­ated with find­ing a sta­ble over­clock on a card. But even so, by press­ing one of those three pro­files sit­u­ated in MSI’s Gam­ing X app, you’re es­sen­tially do­ing noth­ing dif­fer­ent from load­ing an over­clocked pro­file. You still run the same risks.

What is nice here is that MSI has in­cluded its full-sized RGB cooler that’s found on its other cards. The Twin Frozr VI keeps the card cool and ex­cep­tion­ally quiet, and even pro­vides a lit­tle ex­tra head­room if you do want to push the RX 470 just that frac­tion higher. Per­for­mance­wise, it’s still av­er­ag­ing well into the fifties at 1080p, and for­ties at 1440p, and it’s an ab­so­lutely solid card, scup­pered only by the phe­nom­e­nal value of its ri­val, the 4GB RX 480.


MSI Radeon RX 470 Gam­ing X 8G

RA­DI­ANT Strong per­for­mance; su­per cool and quiet; great over­clocker; plug and play.

ROT­TEN Doesn’t quite beat the 4GB RX 480. $200,

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