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Mon­e­tary Gain

When—sorry, if—your pro­file blows up, there’s a lot to gain from stream­ing. A lucky few are even able to ditch the day job and play games for a liv­ing. This fund­ing could come through pri­vate do­na­tions, via Pa­treon, or it might be by tak­ing ad­van­tage of one of the ser­vices’ part­ner pro­grams.

Twitch leads the way here. Hit one mile­stone—50 fol­low­ers and proof of reg­u­lar stream­ing—and your view­ers can sub­scribe to your chan­nel, chip­ping in a lit­tle each month ( shared with Twitch) to re­ceive ad­di­tional ben­e­fits. Ce­ment your sta­tus, and you can be­come a Twitch part­ner, which of­fers a host of ex­tra good­ies, such as con­trol of (and a slice of the prof­its from) mid-roll ads. Twitch view­ers can also earn Bits, a lo­cal cur­rency with which they can tip their fa­vorite stream­ers.

Mixer’s sub­scrip­tion pro­gram is rel­a­tively young and, given its cur­rent view­er­ship, not yet par­tic­u­larly prof­itable, al­though you can ap­ply to jump to Mixer if you’re al­ready estab­lished else­where. YouTube Live of­fers Su­per Chat, where view­ers can pay to high­light their mes­sages, as well as a share of ad rev­enue, and in some cases, spon­sor­ship op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Win­ner: Twitch

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