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If your web browser is groan­ing un­der the weight of all those open tabs, you might be able to im­prove per­for­mance with­out hav­ing to close them all. If you’re a Fire­fox user with lots of RAM, open “Set­tings > Gen­eral,” and uncheck “Use rec­om­mended per­for­mance set­tings.” Then, if it’s not grayed out, up the “Con­tent process limit” to four or even higher, to see whether it helps.

Next, there are a few browser-re­lated ef­fi­ciency tips you can try to speed things up gen­er­ally. First, en­able your browser’s Book­marks bar, giv­ing you one-click ac­cess to your fa­vorite web­sites. Also, right-click fre­quently used tabs, and look for a “Pin Tab” op­tion, to make them per­ma­nently avail­able.

Speed up log­ging into web­sites—and make them more se­cure at the same time—us­ing ei­ther the LastPass ( www. lastpass.com) or KeePass ( www.keepass.info) pass­word man­agers. Fi­nally, make bet­ter use of search en­gine time­savers—Google users can per­form quick con­ver­sions di­rect from the search bar (“$5 to CAD”), and search a spe­cific web­site’s con­tent by pre­fix­ing the search terms with “site:pcgamer.com,” for ex­am­ple.

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