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1. name Wad­jemup­for whichis the is­land in­dige­nousoff the coast Aus­tralianof West­ern Aus­tralia? 2. The 1957 novel At­lasShrugged is one of the best-known nov­els by which author? 3. Who served as prime min­is­ter of Aus­tralia three times be­tween 1908 and 1915? 4. In which sport could you be de­scribed as us­ing a “chi­na­man” tech­nique? 5. Who hosted the 2016 Aus­tralian TV se­ries Have You Been Pay­ing At­ten­tion? 6. In 1975, East Ti­mor de­clared its in­de­pen­dence from which coun­try? 7. Madi­son Robin­son played for which team dur­ing the 2016 ANZ Cham­pi­onship sea­son? 8. In 2014, which hip-hop group had a hit with the song Cos­bySweater? 9. True or false: Biff Lo­man is one of the main char­ac­ters of the play The Im­por­tance of Be­ing Earnest? 10. Di­hy­dro­gen monox­ide is bet­ter known by what name? 11. In the TV se­ries Bob’s Burg­ers, what is the name of Bob’s se­cond-old­est daugh­ter? 12. At which Olympics did Aus­tralian pole vaulter Ta­tiana Grig­orieva win her sil­ver medal? 13. What is the Ger­man lan­guage word for Ger­many? 14. Alexan­der Flem­ing dis­cov­ered peni­cillin in which year of the 1920s? 15. Which car man­u­fac­turer made the Cortina? 16. Four-time world surf­ing cham­pion Wendy Botha won her first ti­tle as a cit­i­zen of which coun­try? 17. On which high­way do you travel when you cross the Nullar­bor Plain? 18. The three main in­gre­di­ents of fudge are but­ter, sugar and what? 19. True or false: Ha­vana is the cap­i­tal city of Cuba? 20. The poem TheOw­landthePussy­cat fea­tures which four an­i­mals? 21. In which sport has Kathy Parashis won 10 Women’s Aus­tralian Open ti­tles? 22. What is the of­fi­cial lan­guage of Bar­ba­dos? 23. In 2016, who fea­tured as the “bach­e­lor” in The Bach­e­lor (Aus­tralia)? 24. Jon Dee and which fa­mous sportsper­son founded Planet Ark in 1991? 25. What is the se­cond line of the nurs­ery rhyme Humpty Dumpty? 26. The Mont Blanc Tun­nel con­nects France to which other coun­try? 27. In 2016, Ari­ana Grande, pic­tured, re­leased an al­bum ti­tled Dan­ger­ous what? 28.Who pro­vides the voice of Mar­lin in Find­ingNemo and Find­ingDory? 29. True or false: 1993 novel The Ce­les­tine Prophecy was writ­ten by M. Scott Peck? 30. Lord Howe Is­land is di­rectly east of which ma­jor NSW town?

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