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The job of re­view­ing cars isn’t what it was a decade ago. Back then, you’d find a quiet road and rate a car’s ac­cel­er­a­tion, corner­ing, sus­pen­sion tune and steer­ing feel.

These days I find my­self jump­ing into a car and check­ing how well the in­fo­tain­ment hooks up to Pan­dora. Or whether the re­vers­ing cam­era pic­ture is clear. For that mat­ter, does the car re­verse-park it­self ? And does the lane keep­ing as­sis­tance just warn me I’m stray­ing from my lane or ac­tu­ally steer me back on track?

These days I’m more likely to be im­pressed if a car warns me of ap­proach­ing school zones and red light cam­eras than if it can sprint to 100km/h in less than six sec­onds. Man­ual trans­mis­sion any­one? Not in this traf­fic, thanks. Su­pe­rior au­tos can shift gears bet­ter than hu­mans these days.

We’re still do­ing most of the driv­ing — for now. In an­other 10 years, we might re­view how well a car drives it­self. Or how much range you’ll get out of the bat­tery and how quickly it charges. And what the time­share pack­age looks like. Who knows, it might be the tech writer do­ing the re­views by then.

That’s why our re­vamped liftout is called mo­tor­ing — it’s not all about the car, it’s about the whole mo­tor­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Which car has the long­est war­ranty, cheap­est ser­vic­ing, best re­sale and most im­pres­sive ac­ci­dent avoid­ance tech­nol­ogy.

We all still love driv­ing cars here, and the new sec­tion will con­tinue to tell car lovers which ones drive the best. But it will also be more ac­ces­si­ble to those who need a sim­ple, easy guide to mod­ern mo­tor­ing.

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