Cre­ate a mag­nif­i­cent ho­tel

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IT is my view that the Govern­ment and Trea­sury staff should re­lease the Trea­sury Build­ing. The cost of main­te­nance is un­sus­tain­able and the out­lay should be re­turned by turn­ing the build­ing into com­mer­cial use. It should not be­come yet an­other mu­seum ex­ten­sion. It seems we can’t af­ford the cost of open­ing hours of the cur­rent mu­seum, and an­other ad­junct would fur­ther bur­den the state bud­get.

Con­vert­ing the Dunn St carpark into an ex­ten­sion of TMAG is not vi­able. The mu­seum is fine as it is, but the loss of pre­cious park­ing is not a good plan. The Trea­sury Build­ing is a mag­nif­i­cent ed­i­fice not shielded by mod­ern high rise build­ings. It could be­come the equiv­a­lent of the Windsor Ho­tel in Mel­bourne, or the con­verted NSW Trea­sury Build­ing that be­came a ho­tel. The pub­lic could en­joy the fa­cil­i­ties of a grand ho­tel in restau­rants and cafes. The Mur­ray St gar­den would be a won­der­ful out­door cafe. I would hope a shop­ping ar­cade would not emerge as there are op­tions in a more cen­tral area. I am mind­ful the Govern­ment tourist bureau once oc­cu­pied a sec­tion on the Mac­quarie St frontage. This could pos­si­bly be sub­let again for a tourist fa­cil­ity. Fail­ing that, an ac­ces­si­ble cafe from the Mac­quarie St side would be a good at­trac­tion.

Maze puz­zle

MY wife and I owned and ran Richmond Maze for 12 years from 2002 un­til 2014. We had peo­ple come from all over the world as they still do to visit the maze. We won Busi­ness East’s award in 2011. Be­lieve it or not, the mazes are still there, brand­new ones that no hu­man has walked on, set at the back of the prop­erty. We had to sell due to my de­clin­ing health which, thanks to the Royal Ho­bart, has been fixed. So what is hap­pen­ing to the maze? As it stands, it is an ab­so­lute dis­grace. It is at the en­trance to Richmond and what does it say, cer­tainly not his­toric ex­cel­lence, more a rub­bishy dump. Some­thing needs to be done, per­haps the Tourism Min­is­ter could come up with an idea, or crowd fund­ing or the Coal River Val­ley pro­mo­tional so­ci­ety. It needs to be done now. case the US of­fers any of them sanc­tu­ary, just af­ter the pigs fly off to Never Never Land. Mal­colm Turn­bull is very good at mak­ing very bad de­ci­sions.

Not apartheid

GREG Barns la­bels Is­rael “the apartheid state” (Talk­ing Point, Novem­ber 13). All of Is­rael’s cit­i­zens re­gard­less of race or re­li­gion have equal rights, and mi­nori­ties are well rep­re­sented across all branches of so­ci­ety, in­clud­ing Par­lia­ment and the ju­di­ciary. Is­rael is the one state in the Mid­dle East where all cit­i­zens have what we re­gard as full demo­cratic rights.

In most other Mid­dle East states, mi­nori­ties are per­se­cuted, jailed and tor­tured. Barns also com­plains about the sup­posed ex­ces­sive in­flu­ence of the Is­rael lobby, cit­ing Bob Carr who is a paid lob­by­ist for China, and at­tacks con­cerns about Rus­sia and China in­ter­fer­ing in other coun­tries’ af­fairs. China and Rus­sia do not share the demo­cratic values of Aus­tralia, Is­rael and US. are so many ways in which those bil­lions, our taxes, could build na­tions and cre­ate more peace­ful re­la­tion­ships.

Smack in the face

AUS­TRALIA’S young peo­ple reg­is­tered to vote in the same-sex mar­riage, non­com­pul­sory, non-bind­ing plebiscite thingy in their hun­dreds of thou­sands, hop­ing for a Yes vote. These are the vot­ers es­sen­tial for Aus­tralia’s healthy demo­cratic fu­ture. The par­tic­i­pa­tion of nearly 80 per cent has been an up­lift­ing re­sult. The Far Right of the “Lib­eral” Party has been work­ing for years to stop same-sex mar­riage with ar­gu­ments un­re­lated to mar­riage. If it suc­ceeds in de­lay­ing a Bill for equal­ity, it will de­liver a smack in the face of the youngest and newly en­thu­si­as­tic vot­ers.

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