Would-be in­vestor is keen to get started

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I’m 27 years old and work full time, earn­ing $83,000 (gross) and salary sac­ri­fic­ing 5.5% into my su­per. I have $64,000 in su­per, $22,000 in a per­sonal sav­ings ac­count and $3000 in a joint ac­count. Not yet be­ing a home­owner, I am en­ticed by the idea of in­vest­ing through a long-term plan. Do I con­tinue to salary sac­ri­fice into su­per, or use this ad­di­tional money to a) in­vest or b) con­tinue to save for a 20% house de­posit? I have heard of ex­change traded funds but am won­der­ing how best to start a share port­fo­lio.

Sav­ings dilemma... Jus­tine could salary sac­ri­fice more or in­vest out­side su­per.

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