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Tune your Rock­Shox Lyrik, Pike, Yari or Rev­e­la­tion fork with Bot­tom­less To­kens

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En­sure your bike is clean, to pre­vent dirt fall­ing into the fork. It’s also best to hang it in a work­stand. Re­move the air-valve dust cap from the non-drive side of the fork (turn­ing it an­ti­clock­wise) and put it some­where safe. At­tach a shock pump to the valve and note down the spring pres­sure. Re­move the pump and press a slim ball-ended Allen key – or sim­i­lar – into the valve to re­lease all the air from the fork. Use a 24mm socket (or cas­sette lock­ring tool, on 2018 forks) to un­screw the air cap, en­sur­ing that it’s pressed firmly onto the nut (an­ti­clock­wise). Re­move the air cap and you should see any pre-fit­ted Bot­tom­less To­kens screwed into the bot­tom of it. For a more pro­gres­sive spring rate, add one or more to­kens, by screw­ing them into the air cap (clock­wise). Use an 8mm Allen key and 24mm socket to tighten them un­til gen­tly snug (1.1-2.3Nm). Do not ex­ceed the max­i­mum num­ber of to­kens for your fork*.

If you want a more lin­ear feel, re­move one or more to­kens, by un­screw­ing them from the air cap. Use an 8mm Allen key and 24mm socket, turn­ing them an­ti­clock­wise. En­sure that the re­main­ing to­kens are tight­ened to 1.1-2.3Nm. Grease the air cap O-ring and re­in­stall the air cap in the fork, turn­ing the 24mm socket by hand to re­duce the risk of cross-threading (clock­wise). Tighten the air cap to 24Nm, while ap­ply­ing down­ward pres­sure on the socket to avoid round­ing the nut. Reat­tach the shock pump to the valve and re­in­flate the spring to your de­sired pres­sure. Push down on the fork a few times to bal­ance the pres­sure in the pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive air cham­bers. Re-check the air pres­sure and com­pen­sate if nec­es­sary.

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