“Get­ting paid to ride is the coolest”

Mountain Biking UK - - LIFE AS A PRO -

“Now I’m a pro I can ride ev­ery day, and each time I swing my leg over the pur­ple stal­lion I smile, do a skid out of the drive and go and rip apart some trails! It’s the most im­por­tant part of rac­ing, en­joy­ing the ride. The only dif­fer­ence now is that I train harder. But that doesn’t mean more time off the bike – it means that when I get to a climb, I sprint at it un­til I can’t sprint any more, then I ride back down the trail and do it all again! It’s bet­ter to do train­ing that’s fun. I tried a win­ter of struc­tured and mon­i­tored train­ing, and it nearly made me lose in­ter­est in rid­ing. Ev­ery­thing was to num­bers, and that’s not what rid­ing is about. Be­ing given this op­por­tu­nity [to be a pro] by all my spon­sors this year means a lot to me and has al­lowed me to bring some ideas to life that wouldn’t have been pos­si­ble oth­er­wise. Hav­ing the sup­port to be able to get to the races and shoot videos is a god­send, and I’m so grate­ful.”

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