Rock­Shox Re­verb 1x re­mote £89

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Rock­Shox’s but­ton re­mote for their Re­verb drop­per post has its fans, but it was de­signed at a time when sin­gle-ring driv­e­trains were less com­mon. This new lever is de­signed to sit un­der your bar in place of a front shifter and de­liver a more nat­u­ral-feel­ing ac­tion. It’s easy to fit and the long pad­dle gives more po­si­tion­ing lee­way than the old but­ton, so it plays bet­ter with non-SRAM brake levers (a ‘Match­maker’ clamp is in­cluded for SRAM brakes). Once in place, the ‘Bleed­ing Edge’ sy­ringe tip (also in the box, along with a bleed kit) makes flush­ing air out of the sys­tem an easy process – just be sure to trim the hose to com­pen­sate for the re­mote’s ex­tra length. In use, the 1x lever looks just like a SRAM trig­ger shifter. It has a much more er­gonomic ac­tion than the but­ton, and we found our­selves drop­ping and rais­ing our posts even more reg­u­larly than usual. We just wish the re­turn speed ad­just­ment was still tool free, in­stead of re­quir­ing a T25 Torx key. That’s far from a deal breaker though. In fact, our only real com­plaint with the 1x lever is the price – at £89 it’s a costly up­grade, although it is bet­ter value when bought with a new post (£377 vs £311 with the but­ton re­mote). www.zy­

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