SEND it! Your let­ters and pho­tos, in­clud­ing one of the short­est trips ever to BikePark Wales, a nasty crash at Can­nock, some ac­cep­tance for e-bik­ers and lots of sum­mery rid­ing shots


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After a 10-week hia­tus from moun­tain bik­ing due to an op­er­a­tion on my foot, I was chomp­ing at the bit to get back out. Fi­nally I had my plas­ter re­moved and the con­sul­tant said I was OK to ride, pro­vid­ing I took it easy (yeah, right!). I couldn’t wait for Satur­day to ar­rive, as I’d or­dered my­self a new hard­tail – a Whyte 909 – and was go­ing to take it for a quick spin around Can­nock Chase.

My mate Dave and I set o in the usual way, with him in front, slowly dis­ap­pear­ing into the dis­tance, and me bring­ing up the rear. I didn’t care though, be­cause I had a new toy to play with! Ev­ery­thing was go­ing re­ally well and, even though it was a bit slip­pery, the 2.8in tyres seemed to give me plenty of grip… or so I thought! I rounded a cor­ner a bit quicker than I should have done, the front wheel went from un­der me and I went down hard.

When I fi­nally re­gained con­scious­ness, I at­tempted to get up, only to find that my right arm wouldn’t play ball. Two guys stopped and helped me out, be­cause I was a bit dis­ori­en­tated. One picked up my poor bike and wheeled it to the cafe, while the other walked with me. I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ated the help and def­i­nitely owe them a pint or two. There re­ally is a great ca­ma­raderie among moun­tain bik­ers.

It turned out I’d bro­ken my col­lar­bone in two places and de­tached it from my shoul­der blade. So here I am, un­able to ride yet again, for at least three months, and miss­ing one of the best sum­mers in a long time. Looks like I’ll be read­ing MBUK to sa­ti­ate my thirst for trails un­til I’m able to ride again. I’ll be putting some body ar­mour on my Christ­mas list, as I prob­a­bly won’t be able to ride un­til then any­way.

Andy Homer, via email

That’s lousy tim­ing, Andy, miss­ing out on this glo­ri­ous sum­mer. It’s hard not to get car­ried away on your first ride back after in­jury though, so we hope you’re heal­ing up quickly and ready for that next ride real soon. Pad­ding up is def­i­nitely a good idea, and if you’re rid­ing after Christ­mas look out for those ex­tra slip­pery sec­tions!


You’ve spent six months work­ing hard, fit­ting in as many mid-week spins as you can, when some dude on an e-bike whizzes by you on a climb. Should you: (a) be livid, be­cause he’s rip­ping ahead and still gets to en­joy the down­hills just as much as you do, or (b) say, “Nice one mate, good to see an­other one of us on the trail!”? Per­son­ally, whether some­one rides trail, en­duro or an e-bike, I couldn’t care less. If the al­ter­na­tive is the poor soul end­ing up as a roadie, I say, “Wel­come aboard!”. There’s too much snob­bery against e-bikes. They serve a pur­pose and, in the true tra­di­tion of MTB, who gives a damn what other peo­ple think? So long as peo­ple are en­joy­ing them­selves and not a ect­ing oth­ers, just em­brace it.

David McCud­den, Dublin, Ire­land

Haters gonna hate, David. In the words of Tay­lor Swift [re­ally? – Ed], just shake, shake, shake, shake it o !

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