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Mike Brad­bury’s first trip to BikePark Wales only lasted one hour. He ex­plains: “As I was push­ing back up the hill, I col­lapsed. My pal James started CPR – luck­ily, there was a doc­tor and nurse there, who gave him in­struc­tions – and some­one from the bike park came fly­ing over on a quad bike. When the air am­bu­lance turned up, I was sta­bilised, put in a coma and flown to hos­pi­tal in Cardi . I’d had a car­diac ar­rest due to a faulty valve, which caused me to stop breath­ing for eight min­utes. There were three pos­si­ble out­comes: (1) I wouldn’t wake up, (2) I’d wake up with brain dam­age, (3) I’d wake with no after-e ects at all. For­tu­nately, I woke up feel­ing fine but very con­fused, with no mem­ory of the in­ci­dent. I was very lucky, and it’s all thanks to James, BPW and the oth­ers who helped that day that I’m still here. They saved my life.”

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