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New Zealand Classic Car - - Editorial - Ash­ley Webb Edi­tor

We’re of­ten asked to not only de­fine what a clas­sic car is, but what cars could po­ten­tially be­come fu­ture clas­sics.

It’s an ex­tremely dif­fi­cult ques­tion to an­swer and vir­tu­ally im­pos­si­ble to ac­cu­rately de­fine what con­sti­tutes a clas­sic. Opin­ions are def­i­nitely di­vided, as, for some it’s aes­thetic beauty, while oth­ers opt for rar­ity. One thing is for cer­tain, though — that clas­sic car own­er­ship is now be­ing looked at by a new, younger breed of owner. For these pur­chasers, their view of what con­sti­tutes a clas­sic will be com­pletely dif­fer­ent to what we’ve tra­di­tion­ally ac­knowl­edged.

We’re liv­ing in some­what of a golden age, where, for those who en­joy driv­ing some­thing in­ter­est­ing, we have the op­por­tu­nity to do so for a very mod­est out­lay. The trick, it seems, is be­ing able to pre­dict which cars will be­come clas­sics in the fu­ture. Al­though it’s hard to know which cars will be considered time­less in years to come, we took a crack at it and, over the last cou­ple of months, have taken a look at a few Euro­pean mod­els that we think are both great to own and well worth pre­serv­ing for the fu­ture such as the BMW E39 M5 and the Audi RS2, RS4, and RS6. You could con­sider any of these cars, which are now sit­ting at the bot­tom of their de­pre­ci­a­tion curves. More im­por­tantly, if the car has a full ser­vice his­tory you can be fairly sure that the main­te­nance has been kept up to date, and if you’re able to buy one that’s not a con­tender for the crusher, there’s a fair chance that your in­vest­ment will in­crease in value in years to come.

In this is­sue we take a look at the Mercedes-benz V12 SL600 (R129). The R129 model range was pro­duced from 1990 through to 2002 and the gen­er­a­tion’s en­gine lineup reads like a great­est-hits list of Mercedes en­gi­neer­ing.

The SL has al­ways been Mercedes-benz’s top-of-the-line two-seater, and these fourth­gen­er­a­tion SLS rep­re­sent great value in today’s mar­ket and def­i­nitely have the nec­es­sary cre­den­tials to be­come fu­ture clas­sics.

With­out get­ting into the heady realms of the megadol­lar, su­per-rare ex­otics such as those man­u­fac­tured by Fer­rari, Bugatti, and Maserati, we’ve fo­cused our at­ten­tion on more af­ford­able spec­u­la­tion — if you’ve al­ways had a de­sire to own a po­ten­tial clas­sic mar­que from the ’80s or ’90s, now’s the time to in­vest in your dream car.

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