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Adrian Streather Pub­lished 2017 by Ve­loce, which supplied the re­view copy ISBN 978-1-787110-69-4. Re­viewed by Mark Hol­man

Dozens of these very use­ful books have now been pub­lished by Ve­loce, cov­er­ing cars as dif­fer­ent as Ford Model T and Al­fa­sud, as well as many mo­tor­cy­cles. Each one is a small-for­mat soft­cover with 64 pages. This new ad­di­tion is rather dif­fer­ent, be­cause it cov­ers such a new model, so it has less em­pha­sis on the wear and tear to look out for af­ter years of use (or mis­use!). Nonethe­less, the Porsche 981 book fol­lows the reg­u­lar struc­ture, in­clud­ing ‘Is it the right car for you’ and the vi­tal statis­tics of the model range. The key as­pects for po­ten­tial buy­ers, though, are the ‘15 Minute Eval­u­a­tion: Stay or Walk Away’, and the much more de­tailed ‘Se­ri­ous Eval­u­a­tion’ which sets out a range of scores to help you reach an ob­jec­tive as­sess­ment of the car you might be con­sid­er­ing. This goes into a fair amount of de­tail, from steer­ing sys­tem to the un­der­side pan­els, and ra­di­a­tors and coolant. Find­ing con­tam­i­nated coolant is given as one rea­son to stop and walk away! I was also in­ter­ested in the two pages headed ‘Prob­lems due to Lack of Use’ — an ob­ject les­son for any­one tempted to store such a car in the hope that it will in­crease in value! Some of the sec­tions on pa­per­work and pos­si­ble value may be of less rel­e­vance to NZ buy­ers, but there is enough in­for­ma­tion in here, as in the other books in this se­ries, to pre­vent some­one from mak­ing an ex­pen­sive mis­take.

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