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My wife and I were watch­ing tele­vi­sion one evening re­cently when we de­cided to turn to Net­flix, and see if there were any new movies worth watch­ing. As we have a smart TV, it’s a rel­a­tively sim­ple ex­er­cise, and easy to ac­cess just by us­ing the re­mote. How­ever, on this par­tic­u­lar oc­ca­sion, a mes­sage ap­peared on the screen ad­vis­ing that there was no in­ter­net con­nec­tion avail­able.

My im­me­di­ate thought was to check the router, which is lo­cated in our garage. Af­ter a brief glance, all seemed to be work­ing OK, but I turned it off and back on again just in case. A few min­utes later, af­ter all the lights started flash­ing again, I as­sumed that it must be work­ing. I turned on the tele­vi­sion once more, but the mes­sage still ap­peared. Feel­ing rather frus­trated at this stage, I de­cided to check the tele­vi­sion down­stairs to see if it had the same con­nec­tiv­ity is­sue but no — it was able to ac­cess Net­flix with­out a prob­lem, so I con­cen­trated my ef­forts on the tele­vi­sion up­stairs. By this time, my wife was over it and de­cided to head off to bed, af­ter com­ment­ing that technology is great when it’s work­ing prop­erly.

This got me think­ing about the new car we pur­chased re­cently. As with most cars these days, it’s dripping with a plethora of elec­tronic giz­mos such as a multi-func­tion touch­screen, lane-change warn­ing de­vices, adap­tive cruise con­trol, front- and rear-mounted cam­eras, and so on, all of it de­signed to keep us safe on the road. Mind you, none of this technology is new to us. A few years ago, most of it was only avail­able in high-end mar­ques, but, nowa­days, it’s avail­able in just about any new car, given an in­creas­ingly com­pet­i­tive mar­ket in which it seems that more is best, due to pub­lic de­mand.

That said, I some­times won­der what will hap­pen a few years down the track as these cars start to age. Will all of this elec­tronic gad­getry last the dis­tance, and what will hap­pen when it be­gins to fail? Only time will tell.

I can’t help think­ing about my wife’s com­ment — “all this technology is good while it’s work­ing prop­erly”.

Oh well, at least we’ll have our trusty old clas­sic cars tucked away in the garage just in case.

And, yes — I fi­nally did get to watch Net­flix again.

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