New Zealand Classic Car - - PRICE ON - Words and pho­tos: Adam Croy

Like so many car restora­tions, the story of John Croy’s project started with a po­lite con­ver­sa­tion with a friend of a friend. The phrase “I have some­thing in my garage you might like” was ut­tered, and the con­ver­sa­tion turned into a visit and the even­tual pur­chase of this 1966 Tri­umph Spit­fire Mk2.

Ev­ery­thing needed to com­plete the al­ready­be­gun restora­tion project was in­cluded, and it came with a mas­sive num­ber of spares. The chas­sis and run­ning gear had re­ceived the lion’s share of com­pleted work be­fore John took on the project, with new brakes and lines placed and the sus­pen­sion fully re­built, front and back. The en­gine and gear­box had also been fully re­built, with the en­gine get­ting a race up­grade that in­cluded bor­ing the en­gine from 1200cc to 1300cc and the ad­di­tion of bal­anced rods and pis­tons; a ported and pol­ished head; a new cam; and a new We­ber carb, ex­trac­tors, and twin ex­haust. Mated to the gear­box via a new light­ened fly­wheel and stronger clutch, ev­ery­thing nec­es­sary for this to be a quick and easy restora­tion was there. Work­ing to no set dead­line, the next lit­tle while was spent sourc­ing some new re­place­ment parts and the few miss­ing pieces needed to com­plete the build.

Un­for­tu­nately, when it came to the body, the process wouldn’t be so sim­ple. Hav­ing re­ceived two bod­ies, the good parts from one didn’t quite fit on the other, so both were given to friend Paul Web­ster, who set about cut­ting them up. Both shells were com­pletely stripped down and then, piece by piece, slowly built back to­gether, with cer­tain ar­eas be­ing made from scratch if nec­es­sary. With 90 per cent of the panel work done, the car was then moved to Weir Race Cars to have the fi­nal touch ups done be­fore be­ing painted in vi­brant red.

Now the tub is painted and dummy is fit­ted over the chas­sis, John is now on the down­hill slope to­wards a com­pleted car, with only a few things left to paint be­fore it can be put back to­gether.

John would like to ex­tend his sin­cer­est thanks to both Paul Web­ster and Paul Weir for their help in mak­ing this project a re­al­ity. We look for­ward to see­ing it com­pleted.

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