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Can you hear me Ma­jor Tom? It’s the food of choice in outer space, and now Kanzi, the world’s best sell­ing ap­ple, is grown and avail­able in Aus­tralia.

With a flavour that is out of this world, Kanzi ap­ples will ex­plode onto the Aus­tralian mar­ket for its short but sweet, juicy and crunchy sea­son at the end of April.

And if Kanzis are prov­ing to be the ap­ple of choice on planet Earth ... they are prov­ing to be “a flavour out of this world”. A hand-se­lected ship­ment of Kanzi ap­ples blasted into space last month on board an un­manned NASA rocket. This whole­some treat, and a sweet taste of “home” was part of a re­sup­ply flight for the six crew of the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion.

Red and cream in colour, this fra­grant fruit is a cross be­tween a sweet juicy Gala and a tangy Brae­burn ap­ple. It has a re­fined sweet, yet tangy flavour com­bined with a beau­ti­ful crisp and juicy crunch. It is every­thing you could look for in an ap­ple.

But be quick. Kanzi is all about liv­ing in the now with a sea­son of a lit­tle more than 12 weeks here, be­cause in Aus­tralia they are never frozen nor stored, they are sold “fresh off the tree”.

The Kanzi is a Euro­pean va­ri­ety de­vel­oped nat­u­rally from Gala and Brae­burn in the Nether­lands draw­ing its name from a Swahili word mean­ing “happy trea­sure”.

Kanzi ap­ples were bred as a dessert va­ri­ety, so they are per­fect for fresh eat­ing. Eat­ing them straight, in sal­ads or cut up into fresh snacks show­cases their juicy crunch.

As Kanzis keep their shape and juici­ness af­ter cook­ing, they also make ex­cel­lent bak­ing ap­ples for del­i­cate tarts or pies. And with their unique sweet and tangy flavour pro­file, Kanzis pair well with white, creamy cheeses as well as strong cheeses like gor­gonzola and other fruits such as figs.

Kanzi ap­ples are grown in all ma­jor Aus­tralian ap­ple grow­ing re­gions such as Stan­thorpe, Orange, Bat­low, Morn­ing­ton, Yarra, Ade­laide Hills, Man­jimup, Perth Hills, and Huon.

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