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Ear­lier in the year my niece, Amy, got two new kit­tens and asked if I could take some pho­tos for her. I jumped at the chance as kit­tens have such a great ‘aahh’ fac­tor.

The pho­tos were taken in Amy’s back gar­den. We put a pur­ple blan­ket down as we thought this would be a nice con­trast against the white fur. The kit­tens were re­ally play­ful and did not want to keep still. We had lots of cat toys and my daugh­ter Jas­mine played with them to try to keep them oc­cu­pied but they were too busy ex­plor­ing. I had the idea to put some­thing down that they could climb into as all cats seem to like climb­ing into boxes. My niece brought out the glass fruit bowl and my cam­era bag, both of which worked a treat. I ended up with dozens of shots but liked these the best.

I needed a fast shut­ter to keep things sharp so I in­creased ISO to 640. I tweaked Lev­els in El­e­ments and added a Glam­our Glow and de­tail ex­trac­tor in Nik Colour Efex. I also used Nik Viveza to darken the back­ground and high­light the fur and edges of the bowl. Tim Had­field, via email It’s very dif­fi­cult to pho­to­graph any­thing that re­fuses to keep still, and as you say, Tim, a fast shut­ter speed is es­sen­tial in this sort of sit­u­a­tion.

Might we rec­om­mend a blower for re­mov­ing cat fluff from your lenses?

I used to be a real Canon buff, and not that long ago. I was look­ing at the Nikon D7000 back in 2011 when they first hit the mar­ket here in New Zealand. It was read­ing your re­views and the re­views in the WhatDig­i­talCam­era mag­a­zine that swung me more to­wards the Nikon SLR, so out I went to buy one and I didn’t re­gret this in­vest­ment at all. I got it with the 18-105mm kit lens plus the 55-300mm lens, which is a cracker. I do not see the point in up­grad­ing to a D7100 as the D7000 gives me such amaz­ing pho­tos. I even cov­ered a wed­ding with this beauty. Are you a Nikon con­vert? Then get in touch with us to­day at

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