How to use Ac­tive D-Light­ing

This is a way of bal­anc­ing up high-con­trast scenes in-cam­era us­ing ex­po­sure and pro­cess­ing to­gether

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You can choose the strength of the D-Light­ing set­ting man­u­ally, or se­lect the Auto op­tion if you’re not sure how much com­pen­sa­tion is needed. The higher set­tings are good for very high-con­trast scenes, but the re­sults can look un­nat­u­ral.

Brack­et­ing op­tions

To com­pare an un­cor­rected shot and one with Ac­tive D-Light­ing ap­plied, use the brack­et­ing fea­ture in the Cus­tom Set­ting menu. Look for the Brack­et­ing/flash op­tion and change the Auto brack­et­ing set from AE brack­et­ing to ADL brack­et­ing.

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