Ge­orge Cairns shows you how Nikon Cap­ture NX2 can save you time

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same time thanks to Cap­ture NX2’s bril­liant Batch menu com­mands.

Batch process

When shoot­ing a se­ries of shots in the same light­ing con­di­tions (and us­ing iden­ti­cal cam­era set­tings), you may end up with a collection of im­ages that all have sim­i­lar prob­lems with colour and tone (such as our slightly un­der-ex­posed start im­ages). This means that you can ap­ply the same tonal and colour ad­just­ments to ev­ery shot in the se­ries and they’ll look con­sis­tently bet­ter. You could open each im­age in turn and man­u­ally tweak its colours and tones, but this would be rather time con­sum­ing, and as they all re­quire the same work, you’ll rapidly get fed up of re­peat­ing your ac­tions.

Cap­ture NX2 en­ables you to make man­ual ad­just­ments to a pho­to­graph that is rep­re­sen­ta­tive of your batch of sim­i­lar im­ages. You can then save the ad­just­ments and ap­ply them to a folder full of sim­i­lar pho­to­graphs in one click. You can also save the fixed batch of pho­tos as JPEG copies, so that they’re ready to be printed or posted on­line. As a bonus your orig­i­nal RAW files will still be ac­ces­si­ble, so you can re­store any of your ad­justed shots to their in-cam­era cap­tured set­tings you need to.

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