Nik on D3200 vs D5200

Nikon D3200 £320, $390

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Key dif­fer­ences

The 3200 has a fixed three-inch 921,000-dot LCD dis­play, but the D5200 has a flip-out var­i­an­gle screen, which can be ex­tremely use­ful with Live View.

The D5200 has an Ef­fects mode and of­fers many more cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions; the D3200 is a much more ba­sic cam­era which of­fers the es­sen­tials but lit­tle else.

The D3200 has a per­fectly ad­e­quate 11-point aut­o­fo­cus mod­ule, but the D5200 has Nikon’s much more ad­vanced 39-point AF sys­tem built in.

Both cam­eras can shoot 1920x1080 movies at 30p, 25p and 24p frame rates, but the D5200 adds high-speed 60i/50i in­ter­laced modes.

The D3200 has a mono mi­cro­phone built in, but the D5200’s is stereo. Both cam­eras can take ex­ter­nal stereo mi­cro­phones.

Both cam­eras can shoot RAW files, but the D3200 is re­stricted to 12-bit NEFs while the D5200 can shoot higher-qual­ity 14-bit NEFs too. It’s one of the less ob­vi­ous re­stric­tions with the D3000-se­ries cam­eras and eas­ily over­looked.

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