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In our tests the max­i­mum power out­put didn’t live up to its Gn 54 claims, but equalled that of the Nikon SB-700. The re­cy­cling time is 5.5 sec­onds. TTL flash ex­po­sure ac­cu­racy is good, with a touch of un­der­ex­po­sure.

The only real weak point is that the dual ‘wire­less slave’ modes lack TTL flash me­ter­ing and are merely based on a light­sen­si­tive cell. The first mode doesn’t work with a pop-up flash or other flash­guns as it’s trig­gered from the first pre-flash pulse and so fires be­fore the ex­po­sure. The sec­ond ig­nores pre-flashes but needs a much stronger main flash to trig­ger it. The Di700 is Nissin’s new­est ad­di­tion to its pop­u­lar range of flash­guns. It looks a lit­tle ba­sic around the back, with a matte black panel cov­er­ing most of the rear sec­tion, but this is ac­tu­ally a colour screen that re­veals a very in­tu­itive in­ter­face. The max­i­mum power rat­ing of Gn 48 doesn’t look mas­sive, but in our tests the Di700 de­liv­ered more clout than most of the other flash­guns, in­clud­ing the two higher-rated Nissins.

There are no fewer than three slave modes. Sd (Slave dig­i­tal) is for trig­ger­ing from flash­guns that emit pre-flash pulses, Sf (Slave film) is more suit­able for use with stu­dio flash heads and flash­guns with­out pre-flash pulses, and Wire­less slave links to all chan­nels in ei­ther group A, B or C, when us­ing a Nikon wire­less flash setup. The only catch is that there’s no wire­less mas­ter fa­cil­ity. There’s also no strobe flash func­tion, but HSS mode is sup­ported.

Like the pricier Nissin flashes, this has an in­put socket for an op­tional ex­ter­nal power pack, but a dif­fer­ent-shaped in­ter­nal bat­tery caddy.


Re­cy­cling from a full-power flash takes 4.1 sec­onds, which is slightly quicker than the other Nissin flash­guns. Over­all per­for­mance is good but TTL flash suf­fers from a lit­tle un­der­ex­po­sure, and light cov­er­age across the whole frame isn’t mas­sively even.

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