X-Rite ColorMunki Smile

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£67, $90 www.xritephoto.com

It may be named like a toy for a pre-school child, but the ColorMunki Smile is also child’s play to use thanks to soft­ware that trades ad­vanced op­tions for ex­cel­lent clar­ity.

A cou­ple of over­sized but­tons stand be­tween you and the cal­i­bra­tion process, then kick back as the gizmo does its thing. In a shade over four min­utes you’ll have a fully-cal­i­brated mon­i­tor with­out need­ing to know your white point from your gamma.

There’s no scope to mea­sure am­bi­ent light, but the ColorMunki Smile does nail the ba­sics as it per­formed well be­yond its budget price tag and gen­er­ated the most ac­cu­rate colour pro­file of all the col­orime­ters on test. Cal­i­bra­tion time: 4 min­utes 15 sec­onds Colour ac­cu­racy af­ter cal­i­bra­tion (Delta-E, lower scores bet­ter): 0.58

Proof that less re­ally is more, and that a silly name can con­ceal a re­ally use­ful prod­uct

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