Dat­a­color Spy­der4Elite

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£165, $249 http://spy­der.dat­a­color.com/en

Dat­a­color of­fers three ver­sions of the Spy­der4: Ex­press, Pro, and this range-top­ping Elite model. Not con­tent with sim­ply cal­i­brat­ing your mon­i­tor, this gad­get will cal­i­brate pro­jec­tors as well as iOS and An­droid mo­bile screens.

Wide-gamut, LED-back­lit and CRT mon­i­tors are sup­ported, plus the de­vice mea­sures am­bi­ent light lev­els. De­spite the ad­vanced tech, this is still a dod­dle to use with well de­signed soft­ware, and those spi­dery legs keep the hard­ware rest­ing nicely on your screen.

Our ini­tial cal­i­bra­tion was plagued by a blue colour cast, and though a soft­ware up­date cured the prob­lem, the Spy­der4Elite couldn’t quite match the colour ac­cu­racy of the com­pet­ing X-Rite col­orime­ters. Cal­i­bra­tion time: 5 min­utes 15 sec­onds Colour ac­cu­racy af­ter cal­i­bra­tion (Delta-E, lower scores bet­ter): 0.77

This Spy­der may only have three ‘legs’, but it’ll still sit com­fort­ably on your mon­i­tor re­gard­less

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