Ev­ery DX-for­mat D-SLR tested… Which will be your next Nikon?

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Full-frame cam­eras have been big news re­cently, with the ad­vent of bod­ies like the D610 and retro-chic Df. In­deed, Nikon hasn’t launched a pro­fes­sional-grade body with an APS-C sized sen­sor since the D300s, nearly five years ago. Mean­while, FX cam­eras have been carv­ing their way down into the con­sumer mar­ket. Even so, there’s still a lot to be said for the DX for­mat.

DX bod­ies are less ex­pen­sive to buy, yet Nikon still man­ages to shoe­horn a wealth of ad­vanced fea­tures into their com­pact build. Be­cause the im­age cir­cle re­quired by the sen­sor is smaller than that of a full-frame cam­era, wide-an­gle and stan­dard zoom lenses tend to be phys­i­cally smaller. On a DX body, a rel­a­tively com­pact 70-300mm tele­photo zoom lens gives nearly as much ‘ef­fec­tive’ reach as a much larger and heav­ier su­per-tele­photo lens, like a 150-500mm op­tic on a full- frame body. This lit­er­ally takes a weight off your neck.

From be­gin­ner-friendly bod­ies to pow­er­ful cam­eras, there are some great mod­els to choose from in the cur­rent Nikon DX range. We’ve omit­ted the D3300, which is re­viewed in depth on page 86. Let’s take a closer look at what the oth­ers have to of­fer.

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