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Part 13 Ge­orge Cairns uses Nikon Cap­ture NX2 to change day to night in a pho­to­graph

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If you can only get a day­time shot of a lo­ca­tion, you can still give it a nighttime look. Sim­ply change the tones to more noc­tur­nal ones in Cap­ture NX2, then use the pro­gram’s Se­lec­tion Con­trol Points to re­in­force the il­lu­sion!

Shoot­ing a city at night can pro­duce a shot with a moody and at­mo­spheric look. How­ever, it also raises lo­gis­ti­cal chal­lenges in re­la­tion to your cam­era’s set­tings and the ac­ces­sories that you’ll need to use to cap­ture the scene.

You could open the lens’s aper­ture to let in more light, but that will re­sult in a shal­lower depth of field that cre­ates back­ground or fore­ground blur. By bump­ing up the ISO speed you’ll be able to shoot hand­held with a faster shut­ter speed, but that might add nasty and dis­tract­ing chroma and lu­mi­nance noise to your photo. If you have ac­cess to a tri­pod you could use a lower ISO set­ting, a slower shut­ter speed and a nar­rower aper­ture to get more de­tail in fo­cus, but that ap­proach is more time-con­sum­ing and it might also limit your com­po­si­tional choices.

By us­ing Cap­ture NX2’s colour and tone ad­just­ing tools to fake a noc­tur­nal look, you can cap­ture any lo­ca­tion dur­ing the day with­out hav­ing to lug a tri­pod around. In day­light it’s also much eas­ier to cap­ture a shot with fore­ground and back­ground de­tail in fo­cus.

Se­lec­tion Con­trol Points

In this walk­through we’ll show you how to pro­duce a cooler, bluer colour tem­per­a­ture, which helps evoke a lu­nar light source. We’ll start by ap­ply­ing that to the whole im­age for a uni­form tone.

Once we’ve ad­justed the im­age as a whole, to help strengthen the il­lu­sion that the pic­ture was taken at night we’ll illuminate a street lamp us­ing the Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point tool and a Colorize ad­just­ment step to add a con­trast­ing warm yel­low glow to the cold blue scene.

You’ll also learn how to make the shad­ows close in around the edge of the frame in an at­mo­spheric way, adding to the over­all dark­ness of the shot, cour­tesy of Cap­ture NX2’s Vi­gnette Con­trol slider.



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