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Too late!

You can’t use the mo­tor­drive when shoot­ing jump se­quences, as even if you have a 10 frameper-sec­ond burst mode you can’t guar­an­tee get­ting the rider in the right spot.

Too early!

You need to press the shut­ter but­ton at the right mo­ment, and if you mess up the rider has to go again. For the first run, Andy was too late, and for this sec­ond shot just a frac­tion too early.

Per­fect tim­ing!

The ideal po­si­tion for this sort of jump shot is with the rider in the top-left hand cor­ner of the frame, so that he and his Iden­titi Mogul bike are as big as pos­si­ble in the com­po­si­tion.

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