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You can do a lot with black-and-white in Pho­to­shop, but Google Sil­ver Efex Pro goes fur­ther…

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Sil­ver Efex Pro is now part of the Google Nik Collection ($ 149), but even when it was owned and de­vel­oped by Nik Soft­ware it was re­garded as one of the best black-and-white plug-ins on the mar­ket. It’s able to recre­ate the look and ‘ feel’ of con­ven­tional sil­ver-based film in a way that’s dif­fi­cult to repli­cate in Pho­to­shop, and it does it us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of ready-made pre­sets and man­ual ad­just­ments which help you fine-tune the ef­fect. Luke Bhoth­ip­iti used Sil­ver Efex Pro for his shot of New York in the rain on page 31. Here’s how it works…

You can start by se­lect­ing one of the pre­set ef­fects from the left side­bar. Sil­ver Efex Pro uses the im­age you’re work­ing on for its pre­views, so you can see at a glance which pre­set will work best with your pic­ture – just click to ap­ply it.

The right side­bar con­tains tools for ad­just­ing the ef­fect. For ex­am­ple, you can ap­ply dig­i­tal fil­ters, (red, green, yel­low, and so on) to mod­ify the tonal bal­ance, sim­u­late the grain and tonal qual­i­ties of well-known films, and ap­ply ton­ing ef­fects.

Sil­ver Efex Pro also of­fers ‘se­lec­tive ad­just­ments’ via con­trol points, which you can place any­where on the im­age. You can use these for dodg­ing and burn­ing ar­eas of your black-and-white pho­tos with a very high de­gree of con­trol.

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