Cor­rect those im­per­fec­tions

With Light­room 5, you can cor­rect many lens-re­lated prob­lems in a few clicks

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En­able Lens Pro­file cor­rec­tion

Drag lens_be­fore into the Light­room 5 Li­brary Mod­ule and click Im­port, then go to the De­velop Mod­ule. Scroll to the Lens Cor­rec­tion Panel on the right, then click the Pro­file Tab. Check ‘En­able Pro­file Cor­rec­tions’ to fix dis­tor­tion. If your lens pro­file isn’t de­tected, find it on the drop­down list.

Fix chro­matic aber­ra­tion

Click the Lens Cor­rec­tion Colour Tab. Zoom in to the strip light at the top right. Note the green and pur­ple fring­ing around the edges. You can fix it man­u­ally or au­to­mat­i­cally. First, click on the eye­drop­per tool and click over the green fringe. Next check ‘Re­move Chro­matic Aber­ra­tion’.

Use Up­right but­tons

Zoom back out, then go to the Ba­sic Tab in the Lens Cor­rec­tion Panel. Click each of the Up­right but­tons (Auto, Level, Ver­ti­cal and Full) to see how they af­fect the im­age. Auto works best. It cor­rects any cam­era tilt and aligns all the ver­ti­cal lines.

View the grid

Go to View>Loupe Over­lay>Grid (or press Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+O) to turn on the grid. Hold Cmd/ Ctrl to bring up the Grid Op­tions, then drag left or right over Size to change the grid cell size. Use the grid to check the straight­ness and an­gle of lines in the im­age.

Man­ual cor­rec­tion tweaks

The col­umn on the left is a lit­tle tilted, so go to the Man­ual Tab. First, bring the scale down to about 77 to see the en­tire im­age, then hold Cmd/ Ctrl and ad­just the grid. Set Dis­tor­tion +3, Hor­i­zon­tal -2, Ro­tate +0.5. Next, grab the Crop tool and crop in to re­move the white edges.

Boost tones and Clar­ity

Scroll up to the Ba­sic Panel and set Temp 3400, Tint +31, Ex­po­sure +0.40, Con­trast -15, High­lights -38, Shad­ows +67, Blacks +42, Sat­u­ra­tion -15, Clar­ity +100. This isn’t enough Clar­ity, so grab the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter tool. Start at the edge and drag away from the im­age, then set Clar­ity +40.

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