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Does GPS sound com­pli­cated? With the GP-1, it could hardly be sim­pler

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Make the con­nec­tion

The GP-1 slots into the cam­era’s hot­shoe, but the con­nec­tion’s ac­tu­ally made via the cam­era’s ac­ces­sory port. The unit comes with a 10-pin con­nec­tor for at­tach­ing to your Nikon. There is a GP-1A ver­sion with a re­designed 10-pin lock­ing nut, but that’s the only dif­fer­ence.

GPS setup

The GPS op­tions are on the Setup menu. By de­fault, it pow­ers up only when the me­ter is ac­tive. This means a short de­lay, so the GPS data may not be avail­able if you raise the cam­era to your eye and shoot quickly. You can opt to have the GPS ac­tive all the time, though.

Red or green?

Now all you have to do is watch the lamp on the back of the GP-1 unit. If it’s green, it means it’s re­ceiv­ing a sig­nal from the GPS satel­lites and em­bed­ding the lo­ca­tion data in your im­ages. If it turns red, it’s lost con­tact, but it will turn green again as soon as it can get a new fix.

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