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Turn on a street­lamp in broad day­light and give it a golden glow

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Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point

Click here to choose the Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point tool. It en­ables you to click on an area and se­lec­tively ad­just prop­er­ties such as colour or tone.


You can see pre­cisely which ar­eas a Con­trol Point is al­ter­ing by us­ing Over­lays and Masks. Here we’ve hid­den the over­lays so we can see ef­fect of the tool’s tonal ad­just­ment on the im­age in­stead.

Pick a colour

When ap­ply­ing the Colorize com­mand to a Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point, click here to choose a colour from the Color Picker. You can change the blend­ing mode to al­ter the way the colour mixes with the im­age.


Click and drag on the top con­trol han­dle to in­crease or de­crease the size of the cur­rently ac­tive Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point. The lower slider ad­justs the tool’s Opac­ity, af­fect­ing how much your im­age is over­laid.

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