Mak­ing se­lec­tive colour and tonal ad­just­ments can be very quick

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Go to File>Open im­age and browse to night_be­fore.NEF. In the De­velop panel, open Quick Fix. Drag the Ex­po­sure Com­pen­sa­tion slider left to -0.67 to darken the scene. Push Con­trast up to 15 to mimic moon­lit high­lights and add harsher shad­ows. Re­duce the Sat­u­ra­tion to -70.

Ad­just colour tem­per­a­ture

Click the New Step but­ton. From the Se­lect Ad­just­ment drop­down menu, pick Color> Sat­u­ra­tion/Warmth. Drag Sat­u­ra­tion to -37% and Warmth to -66% to pro­duce a cooler hue. Grab the Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point tool and click on the bulb. Click Se­lect Ad­just­ment and choose Colorize.

Add light ef­fect

In the Colorize panel, click the swatch and choose or­ange. Set the Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point’s Size to 10, Blend­ing Mode to Screen. Drop Opac­ity to 89%. Click Cre­ate New Step. Add an­other Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point. Set this one to ad­just Con­trast/Bright­ness, Size 30, Bright­ness 34.

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