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Add vi­gnette ef­fect

Go to the Quick Fix panel and scroll to Cam­era & Lens Cor­rec­tions. Drag the Vi­gnette Con­trol slider to -64% to darken the cor­ners of the shot. Click on the Ad­just pan­els to turn them back on.

On and off

To see how a Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point al­ters colours or tones in a scene, tick the box at the top-right of its Ad­just panel. Con­trol Points are ap­plied as non­de­struc­tive ad­just­ment lay­ers.

Ad­just at­tributes

As well as chang­ing a Se­lec­tion Con­trol Point’s Size and Opac­ity, you can drag on the tool’s grey pin to move it into a new po­si­tion. Right-click on a pin to du­pli­cate, delete or re­set it.

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