F&V K4000S Bi-Color LED Stu­dio Panel

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£380, $500 www.fv­light.eu

Much larger and weight­ier than hot­shoe mount­ing pan­els, this one has an ac­tive sur­face area of 30x30cm and mounts on a reg­u­lar light­ing stand. It’s pow­ered by a clip-on mains adap­tor (which is sup­plied with the panel) though you can fit an op­tional bat­tery pack in its place if you pre­fer.

As one of F&V’s ‘bi-colour’ pan­els, the colour tem­per­a­ture is vari­able be­tween 3200-5600K, via a ro­tary knob on the rear, which is po­si­tioned next to the power ad­just­ment knob.

The panel is rated at 2490 Lux and, in our tests, en­abled an aper­ture of f/4 at a dis­tance of one me­tre, us­ing both day­light and tung­sten colour tem­per­a­tures. It’s there­fore not much more pow­er­ful in prac­ti­cal terms than some of the rel­a­tively small pan­els – in­clud­ing the In­ter­fit Mati­nee, which sells for less than half the price.

Pros Good build qual­ity; mains pow­ered or bat­tery pack. Cons De­spite its size and power rat­ing, out­put is dis­ap­point­ing. We say The price is com­pet­i­tive for such a large panel.

It’s larger than most of the pan­els on test and in­cludes ‘smart sync con­trol’ for link­ing mul­ti­ple pan­els

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