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Pa­tience wi th pan­ning

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71 With fast-mov­ing sub­jects, and par­tic­u­larly if they are close to the cam­era, it is im­pos­si­ble to freeze the move­ment us­ing a fast shut­ter speed alone. You there­fore need to track the sub­ject smoothly as it moves across your field of view, us­ing a tech­nique known as pan­ning. You can turn pan­ning into a more artis­tic ef­fect if you com­bine the pan with a slower shut­ter speed, so that the move­ment of the cam­era cre­ates blurred streaks in the back­ground, while keep­ing the sub­ject rel­a­tively sharp. The shut­ter speed you need will de­pend on the sub­ject’s speed. For a run­ner try a speed of 1/15 sec; for a track cy­clist or car try 1/125 sec.

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