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80 A grad­u­ated fil­ter is a boon for prac­ti­cally ev­ery land­scape you take. The grad does not just darken the sky to stop it blow­ing out, it also re­duces the con­trast in the scene and gives you a bet­ter ex­po­sure for the land or wa­ter be­low the hori­zon.

Coloured grads are not pop­u­lar in the Pho­to­shop era, but grey ND grads are. They re­duce the bright­ness of the top part of the scene with­out af­fect­ing its hue, hence the ‘neu­tral’ part of their name. You can get them in var­i­ous strengths, and with hard or soft grad­u­a­tions. If you buy just one fil­ter, get a soft one, as this al­lows bet­ter for struc­tures pro­trud­ing above the hori­zon; a 0.6 soft is a good choice, re­duc­ing the con­trast by two stops.

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