Re­move un­wanted colours

What’s black and white and red all over? Your photo, if you fol­low these six steps!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Im­port and ad­just

Drag phonebox_be­fore.dng into the Light­room Li­brary Mod­ule, then hit Im­port. In the De­velop Mod­ule, set the slid­ers in the Ba­sic Panel like this: Temp 5500, Tint +10, Ex­po­sure +0.65, Con­trast +15, High­lights -17, Shad­ows +33, Whites +9, Blacks -6, Clar­ity +80, Vi­brance +30, Sat­u­ra­tion +10.

02 Re­duce sat­u­ra­tion

In the Tone Curve Panel, plot a shal­low S-shaped curve line to boost colour and con­trast. Scroll down to the HSL/Colour/B&W Panel on the right side and click HSL, then click the Sat­u­ra­tion tab. Leave the Red and Or­ange slid­ers at 0 and drag the other colours to -100%.

03 Load the brush

There are still a few or­ange tones lurk­ing in the back­ground build­ing, so grab the Ad­just­ment Brush from the tool­bar at the top right. In the tool op­tions that ap­pear be­low the tool­bar, dou­ble-click Ef­fect to re­set all the slid­ers, then set Sat­u­ra­tion -100.

04 Re­move the colour

Zoom in to the right side, then paint over the re­main­ing colour to re­move it. Hit O to tog­gle on a mask over­lay to see where you’ve painted and use the ] and [ keys to change your brush size. If you go wrong, hold Alt and paint to erase parts of the mask.

05 Ad­just the Lu­mi­nance

To the bright­ness of the black-and-white area, go back to the HSL Panel and click Lu­mi­nance. Set Yel­low +39, Green +45, Blue -50, Pur­ple -15 to lighten the grass and darken the sky. Next, grab the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter tool from the tool­bar. Dou­ble-click Ef­fect to re­set all the slid­ers.

06 Fin­ish­ing touches

Drag a line down from the top and set High­lights -60, then drag a sec­ond from the T to the mid­dle and set Clar­ity +26. Next go to the Ef­fects Panel and drag the Post-Crop­ping Vi­gnette Amount to -7. Fi­nally, scroll down to the De­tail Panel and set Amount 63, Lu­mi­nance 13.

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