Once you’ve cho­sen your Pic­ture Con­trol, you can add tweaks of your own

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01 Quick Ad­just

This slider takes the over­all ef­fect of the Pic­ture Con­trol (see di­a­gram above) and makes it stronger or weaker, ad­just­ing all the other slid­ers (be­low) in uni­son.

02 Sharp­en­ing

This slider in­creases the ap­pear­ance of def­i­ni­tion in fine de­tail. It’s like the sharp­en­ing tools in an im­age edi­tor, though a lit­tle cruder.

03 Con­trast

This boosts the dif­fer­ence in bright­ness be­tween the dark and light tones in the pic­ture. More con­trast will make im­ages more vi­brant, but can make sun­lit pic­tures look harsh.

04 Bright­ness

A sim­ple ad­just­ment to make your im­ages come out brighter or darker. It’s not meant to cor­rect ex­po­sure er­rors – you should do that with the cam­era con­trols!

05 Sat­u­ra­tion

This slider con­trols the strength of the colours in your pic­tures. It’s good for en­hanc­ing dull or sub­tle colours, but it can be too much for sub­jects which al­ready have strong, pri­mary colours.

06 Hue

De­creas­ing Hue gives im­ages a red­dish tone, while in­creas­ing it adds a green­ish-yel­low tinge. This isn’t meant to re­place White Bal­ance ad­just­ments.

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