Is there a sim­ple way to shoot jew­ellery with­out a light tent? Mel Newberry, Brid­gend

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Chris says… Light tents are de­signed to pro­duce a soft, even light with­out shad­ows, but there is a low-tech al­ter­na­tive.

Move a ta­ble as close to a well-lit but sun­less win­dow as you can. Cover the ta­ble with your cho­sen back­ground, and po­si­tion your ob­ject. The light from the win­dow will be very soft, but the op­po­site side of your sub­ject will be in shadow.

To fix this, make a home-made re­flec­tor. Use a large sheet of white paper or card (A3 paper might be large enough, but A2 would be bet­ter) and fold it or bend it around the shad­owed side of your sub­ject to bounce the light back.

You don’t al­ways need com­pli­cated light­ing to pho­to­graph jew­ellery – a win­dow and a sheet of paper should do it!

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