Can I use a Nikon field­scope in­stead of a su­pertele­photo lens? Colin Inkster, New Zealand

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Chris says… You can: Nikon makes adap­tors for this. Scopes may be cheaper than big tele­photo lenses, but are still ex­pen­sive – Nikon’s EDG 85 VR, for ex­am­ple, costs around £3200/$6000, and you’ll need the Nikon FSA-L2 adap­tor too.

Field­scopes lack any sort of aut­o­fo­cus. This will likely re­strict you to static sub­jects, and for ac­cu­racy you’ll prob­a­bly need to use Live View to man­u­ally fo­cus.

Scopes are also made for the eye, not a flat sen­sor. Our eyes can rove across a frame and al­low for soft­ness colour fringes and cur­va­ture in a way sen­sors can’t.

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