What does the diopter con­trol do on my D3200, and how do I re­set it? Chris­tos Panayides, Cyprus

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Chris says… This tiny dial sim­ply con­trols the fo­cus for the viewfinder eye­piece and has no ef­fect on the im­age you cap­ture with the cam­era – it’s there to al­low for vari­a­tions in in­di­vid­u­als’ eye­sight.

Some people are long-sighted, some are short-sighted, and diopter ad­just­ment en­ables them to bring the viewfinder im­age into sharp fo­cus even if they’re not wear­ing their glasses. There is no cor­rect, or de­fault, set­ting – you sim­ply turn the ad­juster un­til the fo­cus points and the in­for­ma­tion dis­play un­der­neath the screen are sharpest.

Don’t look at the sub­ject you’re pho­tograph­ing, how­ever, be­cause this will go in and out of fo­cus as the lens fo­cuses, and could be mis­lead­ing.

Your viewfinder’s

diopter dial com­pen­sates for hu­man eye­sight


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