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Will movie mode wear out my cam­era shut­ter?

Alan Wright, Wi­gan

Chris says… No, in movie mode the phys­i­cal shut­ter stays open, and an ‘elec­tronic’ shut­ter ex­poses each frame.

What does the ‘lock’ on my 18-200mm lens do?

Dave John­son, W. Mid­lands

Chris says… This locks the lens in the 18mm po­si­tion for stor­age and trans­port.

Can I use a 1.4x TC with my Sigma 150-500mm?

Lance Har­ris, Canada

Chris says… Sigma’s 1.4x tele­con­verter works, but the max­i­mum aper­ture will drop to f/7.1-9.1 so AF will be a prob­lem.

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