Manfrotto MH057A5-LONG

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Shoot­ing a stan­dard land­scape panorama is sim­ple enough, but try cap­tur­ing a closer vista or an in­door en­vi­ron­ment and you’ll run into the par­al­lax prob­lem. Merely pan­ning your Nikon around its tri­pod mount­ing point can skew per­spec­tive and cause nasty stitch­ing arte­facts.

The an­swer is to po­si­tion the cam­era so that when you pan, closer ob­jects don’t ap­pear to move rel­a­tive to the back­ground. This per­fect po­si­tion is known as the nodal point, and set­ting it is easy with this de­vice’s twin-axis slid­ing rails and pre­cisely-geared di­als. The Manfrotto 300N is in­cluded as a pan­ning base, and the two work in har­mony to help cap­ture per­fectly aligned shots for near and far panora­mas, al­beit at a fairly hefty cost.

The cylin­dri­cal 300N at the bot­tom al­lows you to set pre­cise pan­ning in­ter­vals from five to 90 de­grees

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