STE P BY STE P Easy be­ing green

We’ve pro­vided the face – you and El­e­ments can eas­ily do the rest

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Cut-out and add leaves Open leaves_be­fore.jpg, then grab the Quick Se­lec­tion tool and paint to se­lect the face and neck. Go to Se­lect>Re­fine Edge, then set Ra­dius 2.1, Con­trast 25%, Shift Edge +17. Set Out­put to: New Layer and hit OK. Next, go to Win­dow>Graph­ics. Set ‘By Word’ and type ‘Brass Leaves’. Drag the graphic into the im­age. 03 Copy and clip the face Re­name the back­ground copy layer ‘face’, then drag it above the low­er­most leaves layer. Hold Alt and click on the line be­tween the two lay­ers to clip the face to the leaves. Next hold Alt and drag the face layer above the next leaves layer to make a copy, and Alt+click the line. Re­peat to cover all the leaves lay­ers. 05 Add shad­ows and colour Check Drop Shadow and set An­gle 40, Size 18, Dis­tance 6, Opac­ity 90. Hit OK. Alt-drag the fx icon to copy to ev­ery ‘leaves’ layer. High­light the top layer. Go to Layer>New Ad­just­ment Layer> Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion. Set Hue +61. Alt+click the line to clip the layer to the face. Copy/clip sim­i­lar lay­ers above ev­ery face layer, vary­ing colours. 02 Build up the leaves Hit Cmd/Ctrl+T, then trans­form and po­si­tion the leaves over the face. Next hit Cmd/Ctrl+J to copy the leaves, then trans­form again to make it look dif­fer­ent from the first layer by ro­tat­ing, re­siz­ing and right-click­ing for more op­tions like Dis­tort. Con­tinue mak­ing more copies un­til the face is mostly cov­ered. 04 Mask the leaves Hold Cmd/Ctrl and click the thumb­nail on the top face layer to load a se­lec­tion. High­light the leaves layer be­low, then click the Add Layer Mask icon. Hold Alt and drag the mask thumb­nail to all the other leaves lay­ers to copy it. Next, high­light any leaves layer and go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Set­tings. 06 Drop in the back­ground Go to the Graph­ics Panel, search for ‘leaves 02’ and bring it in. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+T, right-click and pick Flip Hor­i­zon­tal. Add a Bright­ness/Con­trast layer set to 10, 100, then add a Solid Colour Ad­just­ment Layer filled with black. Grab the Brush tool, set colour to black and 30% brush opac­ity, then paint to re­veal the green layer.

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