Light Craft Work­shop Fader ND Mk II

£100, $130 for 77mm fit­ting

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The orig­i­nal ver­sion of this vari­able ND fil­ter proved highly pop­u­lar, and the new Mk II edi­tion has been en­hanced to avoid any soft­en­ing of im­ages at long fo­cal lengths, while also re­duc­ing vi­gnetting with wide-an­gle lenses. How­ever, as with other fil­ters of this type, the amount by which you can in­crease the ef­fec­tive den­sity is di­min­ished sig­nif­i­cantly when you’re us­ing wide-an­gle lenses.

Pre­mier Ink, the UK dis­trib­u­tor, is very up­front about this, stat­ing that while a re­duc­tion of up to nine stops is avail­able at a 100mm fo­cal length, this shrinks to as lit­tle as three stops at 12mm, be­fore a dark cross be­gins to ap­pear across the im­age. These fig­ures are for ac­tual (rather than ef­fec­tive) fo­cal lengths when us­ing an APS-C for­mat cam­era, and were borne out in our tests.

Well made, the fil­ter even comes with its own lens cap

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